Wanna Talk to Someone?

Here's a roster of warmlines, hotlines, support groups and what-nots to get you connected. hello, life?


Need a place to crash?

We feel your pain.... click here to find programs that offer temporary or longer term housing and fret not.

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I've tried everything...HELP

Looking for a little encouragement? Good book? An uplifting movie? A park near you to serve as a haven? Videos? Encouraging talks? Well, you got the idea... you'll find those here and we're adding them as we find them- so check back often.

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Here's how we can help:

There are a myriad of situations you might be needing help with today. Maybe you're looking for information on a treatment that impacts you less, or you're looking for a new living situation, or just looking for someone to connect to right now. Whatever it is, we have a collection of resources linked to this page as well as we're happy to reply to an email in the event you have a specific situation. The important thing to remember in using this page is that we're not Doctors, nor do we have any intention of providing you with medical advice or treatment. Any changes to your treatment should be discussed with your physician and all the content within is being collected from sources we can take no responsibility for. The objective here is to save you the grueling legwork of having to google 300 different topics when we've done a lot of researching for you. Enjoy our resource. It is being constantly updated and we're always happy to hear from you.



Transformation underway...

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And we love connecting with people and resources. Anything that you feel could make us more effective is a great contribution. Of course you can contribute in so many ways, giving us feedback, connecting us to someone you believe would love our initiative, or volunteering your amazing talent. See who we're looking to connect with by clicking on the Get Involved button to your right.